Monday, March 25, 2019

An Invitation

Pliny, Natural History (Latin)I've had this blog space for several years, but never did much with it. It's time to make an effort again. So, an invitation. It's set up so you can get new posts by e-mail, RSS or Atom. Friends can try my Facebook page or whomever shares it (which, as is typical, is encouraged).

Posts will generally cover history, centering on theology, mythology, and the arts. There will also very likely be a lot of disability and inclusion matters. And there will definitely be a good bit of irony, sarcasm, and attempts to offend everyone (although equally so), accompanied by emphasis on careful, thoughtful reading.

Now I find a disclaimer is in order: although I have three degrees in historical studies (one including theology and another disability studies), I'm not qualified to teach history, as I am unable to coach football. So have a grain of salt ready as we go. If you need help, ask Pliny, who first told us about doing this.

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